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Monday, 5/27/2024
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Implementation of a course subscription and grading service at two institutes of the "Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration"

In 1998 the "Institute for Tourism and Leisure Studies" of the "Vienna University of Economics and Administration" started a web-based grading service for its students. The system, which was called "checkPoint charly", was designed and implemented by M-IT. It is also used by the "Chair of Experimental Mathematics and Statistics" at the "Department of Statistics".

Reasons for creating checkPoint charly were the reduction of administrative overhead for the students (it was not longer necessary to check the showcases of the insititute) and the introduction of a new course system where students had the possibility to earn credits for their active participation in each course they took. Instead of one or two large examinations they had to take a number of smaller examinations. checkPoint charly enabled them to monitor the development of their grades during the whole teaching season. Ideas behind were that continuous learning is much more efficient and that direct feedback can increase the motivation of the students to learn and participate.

First checkPoint charly was used for providing grading information only, but soon it was extended to a student- and course management system providing additional benefit to the institute's administration. Now the system is aware of storing and maintaining student profile data. It contains modules which allow the students to pre-/register for courses. In addition to the self-administration of the students teachers or administrators may modify data and re-/assign students to courses. The system also contains a scheduler which allows the reservation of time-slots.

checkPoint charly integrates perfectly with the teaching information published on the website of the institute. Grading information can also be queried using a WAP-enabled mobile phone.
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