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Sunday, 5/26/2024
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Diana Krall
Live in Montreal

On June 29th 2004 Diana Krall gave an incredible career-defining performance for the visitors of the 25th Montreal Jazz Festival. The exciting concert has been document in highest-quality (5.1 surround as well as stereo sound, 14 fantastic camera perspectives) on this must-have DVD. Among the bonus material the music video "Narrow Daylight" and a 15-minute festival documentation have been included. »

Reengineering the integrating management exercise and marketing game "Enterprise"

"Enterprise - An Integrating Management Exercise" is a PC simulation created by John R. Hauser from the "Sloan School of Management" at the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" and published by "The Scientific Press" in 1989. Its main goal is making students understand the basic concepts from competitive strategies, marketing, production and statistics.

Originally the simulation was DOS-based and development has not been continued. Nevertheless, the strategic marketing issues underlying "Enterprise" are still a part of various marketing courses hold at Universities and other educational institutions. The aim of this project was to transform the simulation into a modern web-based application. Students from all over the world should be able to participate in an international simulation exercise.

The software analysis was a two-steps process and consisted of the reverse engineering of the original version and the definition of a new design. It lead to an three layer-architecture inspired by the Model View Controller-paradigm (MVC). The Unified Modeling Language (UML) was used for the graphical notation of all created documents. Java Servlets were used for the implementation of the object-oriented design. The webfrontend was build with the template/script-framework called "WebMacro". After the implementation of the prototype was completed the reengineered application was evaluated in a real-world test at the "Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration".

M-IT collected extensive knowledge concerning the design and implementation of web-based multi-user simulation systems in every stage of the development process. New projects are going to make use of the created framework and technology.
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