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Thursday, 6/13/2024
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Tord Gustavsen Trio
The Ground

Two years ago the Tord Gustavsen Trio released the extraordinary successful debut-album"Changing Places". With his new CD "The Ground" he created another masterpiece. Together with bassist Harald Johnsen and drummer Jarle Vespestad Tord Gustavsen guides the audience on a faint melancholic and unique journey. Enjoyable sophisticated music to relax and meditate. A spellbinding work of art. »


Since 1998 M-IT has developed solutions for web-supported student communication and distance learning. With the spreading of the Internet the basic technology for building virtual universities and online teaching has become available. But simply transferring educational content of books to the Internet, publishing unmodified lecture notes on the web or creating online versions of the lecturer's slides are no substitute for live lectures and will not lead to satisfying teaching results. Teaching material has to be properly prepared and adapted for online courses. The published content must be subject to permanent extension and maintenance. Teachers, particularly those from other than technical disciplines, should not need to worry about technical issues. An adequate replacement for the direct communication between the students and the teacher has to be provided.

In cooperation with, a company specialized in designing and implementing internet solutions, M-IT is creating virtual lectures. The flexible website toolkit Meridian developed by is used for setting up dynamically created web sites. Through a web-based administration interface instructors modify the content of their online courses fast and easily. They don't have to care about page design or technical aspects. Meridian provides the required tools to set up discussion and communication space where students may talk to each other or contact the instructor.

To enrich the presented material and promote the collaboration and participation of the students M-IT is developing interactive simulations for the web. "" is an interactive strategy game, based on John R. Hauser's Enterprise. The simulation was mainly created for management education purposes to make students understand the basic concepts of competitive strategies, marketing and new product planning. Students work in teams. Each team manages a firm in a virtual world where it faces the tough competition of other firms. The detailed setting and the appearance of the simulation are customized by the supervising instructor.

The lecture and student management system "checkPoint charly" allows students to (pre)register for courses and examinations. Teachers manage their courses and examinations via an easy-to-use Windows-client. Data is stored in an open and documented database and may be used and modified by external / third party applications. The grading service keeps students informed about their current achievements in every course session. Students may query their test results and grades via a web interface. Alternatively they may use their mobile wap phones for this purpose.
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